IBEW 47 Partnership

Dave Horton - International Brotherhood of Electical Workers

Being a member of IBEW 47, you along with family and friends can enjoy the benefit of  mortgage services and loan programs provided by Residential First Mortgage with mortgage consultant Dave Horton and his team. RFM is located in Orange County, California. Over the past several years, Dave and his experienced team have helped members of IBEW 47 with mortgage financing.

Mortgage Programs

– Veterans can enjoy getting updated on why it makes sense to own a home with no down payment (100% Veterans Administration financing by approved lenders) vs renting and having your money go nowhere.

– FHA financing allows more flexibility with challenging credit and debt to income ratios with a minimum 3.5% down payment.

– Reverse mortgages (applicants must be a minimum 62 years old and reside in the property) allows no monthly principal and interest payments with flexible qualifying.

– Conventional financing makes up the majority of home loans made today, with a minimum 3-5% down payment. Conventional loans are available for up to $5 million and can include construction permanent financing, bank statement documentation qualifying and private money loans (available when most all other types of home financing have been exhausted).  Highly competitive fixed rate and adjustable rate mortgages are available including 30- and 40-year some with interest only payments allowed.

Residential First Mortgage and Dave Horton

Dave Horton is enjoying his 39th year as a mortgage lender in Southern California. Dave and his team have successfully closed and helped members over the past several years with mortgage financing. RFM is transparent on all phases of mortgage financing for the purchase of a home or refinancing a home. Client customer service is constant during the mortgage process by communicating and staying in touch with members.  

Credit Concerns

Credit history can be a consumer’s biggest concern when it comes time to apply for financing.    Did you know the credit markets allow improving your credit scores? Call today and find out what it might take to be qualify to own a home. Getting preapproved is the first step along with understanding your goals of housing.  

Member Benefits From This Program  

Members, their families and friends all are welcome to work with the program offered:

*Appraisal fee credited at closing

*Very competitive interest rates and loan programs

* .25% lender credit to closing fees

*Discounted realtor fees

*Excellent customer service and quick closings   


Please contact Dave Horton for more information:

Cell: 949-422-5220

Office: 949-784-0831

Email: dhorton@rfmoc.com